What is MYCE™ website management?

A MYCE™ content manager is a CMS (Content Management System) that allows you to manage your content easily, manage your contacts easily, and manage your costs easily. The MYCE™ system has been designed to fit to any website design, which allows for an infinite amount of design possibilities. From a one page website to an intricate website with forms, applications, and customer interaction, a MYCE™ content manager will scale to fit any need. We design your website first, and adapt a MYCE™ content manager to suit your website.
There’s no pressure. You don’t need to have your content ready before your website is designed.
With a MYCE™ content manager, you can edit your content at anytime, which means you don’t need to have your content ready before we design your website.

How is MYCE™ different from other content management systems?

A MYCE™ website manager is customized to fit the unique design of your website. With most content managers, your website’s design, and therefore effectiveness, is limited to the structure of the content manager. MYCE™’s independent architecture allows your website to be easily managed without sacrificing the design.

MYCE is easy.

If you can use a word editor found on most computers, you can manage everything on your website. You can take pictures straight from a digital camera to your website to make a gallery. MYCE™ takes care of the formatting and displays your information in a professional way according to the design of your website.

MYCE is limitless.

You can create as many pages on your website as needed. The MYCE™ system will automatically adjust your website’s navigation based on the pages you’ve created.

Where can I get MYCE™?

MYCE™ powered websites are available through High Level Marketing.  Get more information on working with HLM.
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