MYCE™ makes it easier than ever to manage your customers and leads.

Your customer database is available 24/7 from any computer.

  • At the office, at home, on the road. You have access to your customer database from anywhere simply by logging into your website. Your data is always backed-up so you never have to worry about losing your information if your computer crashes.

Contact your leads quickly.

  • When a customer contacts you from your website, you can get the information on your phone and e-mail so you can contact the customer quickly without being at your computer.

The leads keep coming in.

  • Even while you’re sleeping, your lead system is never turned off and allows you to capture customer information 24/7.

Manage multiple sales agents and locations.

  • Each of your sales agents or locations can have their own login to manage their own leads and customer database.
  • You have managerial control over everything.

Know how much each customer is worth and how much money your website is making.

  • Record business done with customers.
  • Transactions from e-commerce are automatically recorded.

Send and record messages and phone calls to customers from your website.

  • Keep track of how many phone calls and e-mails you’ve sent to customers by recording them in the manager.
  • Manage your sales team to see if they are following up with new customers.

Rate your customers.

  • Rate your leads so you can keep track of which leads are most likely to turn into customers.

Know every time your customers visit your website.

  • See what pages your customers have looked at each time they visit your website so you know what they are looking for before you contact them.

Create your own forms to capture customer information.

  • Make your own contact forms or create your own surveys.
  • Your forms can send you e-mails when a customer fills them out.
  • Your forms can automatically send customers coupons, articles, and more.

Customer registration and logins.

  • You can give customers access to member’s only sections.
  • Offer membership sign-up on your website.

Import/Export Data

  • Import your existing customer list into your MYCE™ manager.
  • Use your customer list for e-mail marketing or to sync contact programs like Outlook.